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Pregnancy and Childbirth

Image by Helena Lopes
Community Resources

There are many community resources in Collingwood and the surrounding areas to help provide support not just during your pregnancy, but also once your child is born. Click the button below to learn more.

Pregnant Woman
Healthy Pregnancy Resources

Giving your baby the best start in life starts in pregnancy.  Here are some resources to help.

Gym Equipments
Healthy Eating, Exercise, and Weight Gain

Good nutrition and a healthy weight gain are very important to both maintain the health of your pregnancy and ease your recovery after childbirth. To learn more click the button below.

Alcohol Cocktail
Alcohol, Smoking, and Marijuana Use in Pregnancy

Many substances which are commonly used outside of pregnancy may cause harm to your baby – both during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.  Please review the information below to make the safest choices for you and your baby.

Ultrasound and Screening Tests

During a normal pregnancy, several screening tests are offered to assess both your health and the health of your developing baby. Please review the following resources to learn more about the different tests.

Test Tubes
Prenatal Genetic Screening

It is the choice of every woman and their family if they would like to pursue testing to determine the likelihood of their child being born with certain conditions. Please read these resources, and discuss this information with your family, family physician and ourselves.

Vitamins and pills
Medication Use

Many medications are safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Please ask either your family physician or ourselves if you have questions regarding a specific medication. The resources listed below will help guide you regarding safe medications to take during your pregnancy.

Viruses and Pregnancy

Please review this as it relates to viruses and vaccinations to be aware of during pregnancy.

Young Mother Expecting

Our number one priority is the safety of mother and baby, however we also love to give you a lovely birth experience. We hope the following information will help prepare you for this experience. Please feel free to ask us any questions.

Mother Baby Bonding
Breastfeeding Support

We are happy to support whatever choice you make regarding how to feed your baby. If you choose to breastfeed, please see the following local support services which are available both before and after your baby is born.

Newborn Baby with Mom

The first few weeks at home with your new baby can be challenging for any parents.  Please reach out to your family doctor, our office or the Well Baby Clinic (Healthy Babies, Happy Families) for support.  We've also included the following resources for many common questions and concerns.

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