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Sexual Health and Contraception

Sexuality is an important part of reproductive health and it can be hard to find good quality information about a healthy sex life and birth control options. The information below will give you a good basis to start a conversation with us about your sexuality.

Contraceptives and STIs

Sex and U
The SOGC's award winning website regarding sexual health and an excellent review of birth control options.
It's a Plan
To access the Dieticians of Canada website click the image above.
Stay-On-Schedule (SOS) 
Click the image above to learn about healthy eating habits to follow before conceiving.
Yes Means Test
Yes Means Test.png
Excellent information regarding sexually transmitted infections and how to keep yourself safe and healthy in your relationships.

Pain During Sexual Intercourse

For some women, the experience of sexual intercourse is painful. Please see the following information regarding some possible causes and ways we can help.
SOGC Concerns and Sexual Problems
Above is a great resource to learn more about different problems that might occur during sex. Issues such as Pain, Low Libido, and many more are covered on this page.
Vaginismus Information
Hope and Her.png
The Vaginismus Hope and Her website is a great resource to learn more about vaginismus and the different treatment options available.
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